Upcoming Courses

Introduction to Permaculture Course 9th – 13th April

Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology is holding an Introduction to Permaculture course this coming April from the 9th to the 13th. Our aim is to offer our clients an experiential learning opportunity that changes their way of life for the better. Participants spend the morning hours learning the different permaculture principles during classroom sessions and In the afternoon, participants get out of the classroom environment and transfer the knowledge they got on paper onto the ground.

Topics to Be Covered in This Course

  • Permaculture ethics and main principles
  • Soil formation, succession, and management principles
  • Water management principles
  • Introduction to zones
  • Integrated pest management

Who can attend?
Anyone interested in learning permaculture principles is eligible for this course

Course location:
Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology situated on a 20 hectare property in rural Lilongwe a 15 minute drive from the city centre. It is a working permaculture education and demonstration centre located in subtropical Central Malawi. The property contains a commercial garden, household garden, medicinal garden, staple field, and woodlot.

Course Tuition:
MK181,250.00 which includes lunch as well as morning and afternoon tea and snacks, instruction, and an Introduction to Permaculture Certificate

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