Veggie Spotlight: Buckwheat

This week the spotlight is on Buckwheat.  Modern buckwheat was first domesticated and cultivated around 6000BCE in Southeast Asia.  Today it is grown all over the world. In the garden we have been saving lots of buckwheat seeds to expand our seed inventory because it is such a versatile crop. Our major use of buckwheat […]

Veg Box Day

Contributed by the Garden Team. The commercial garden is small. One eighth of a hectare to be exact. Each bed is 7 x 1 meters and there are roughly 120 beds.  In the centre of the garden is a water tap and a large water tank for our drip irrigation demonstration. In the corner of […]

Upland Rice Demonstration

As the campaign against smoking continues to gain momentum, tobacco growing countries are busy trying to find alternative ways of earning forex. Malawi’s economy is heavily dependent on agriculture and tobacco is the main forex earner. Tobacco markets are a very important asset despite being in the midst of the anti-smoking campaign, it is very […]

Achieving Large-scale Social and Environmental Impact in Dowa District

Climate Smart Agriculture for Rural Smallholder Farmers in Malawi: Through our CSA project, on Thursday, March 6th and Friday, March 7th, 2014 we convened our first annual district level Civil Society Organization (CSO) workshop with relevant stakeholders from the following fields: food and nutrition security, sustainable agriculture, environmental resilience, and climate change. The theme of […]

Bringing Drip Irrigation into our Demonstration

We are in the process of setting up a drip irrigation system into our commercial garden. With support from The MASHAV: Israel’s Agency for International Development (Under the National Coordinator for Presidential Initiative on Poverty and Hunger Reduction in Malawi) we have managed to mount up a 1000 litre tank of water at Kusamala. Today […]