Participatory Video and CSA in Practice

For the past 5 months, our Climate Smart Agriculture community coordinators have been working with farmers in Dowa district; teaching them sustainable techniques to increase agricultural production whilst at the same time mitigating and adapting to climate change. How this project will have an impact on the farmers’ livelihoods can be best told by the […]

Kusamala Can’t Be Missed

Long overdue, Kusamala finally has a sign to match our name! Last week we said goodbye to the old faded sign that simply read: “Nature’s Gift Permaculture” and welcomed our new, bigger, brighter sign that much more clearly identifies the organization and the Centre. And as the sign was printed on reflective backing, it is […]

Kusamala’s Latest Additions: Buns & Chou Chou

Contributed by Daniel Schlupp At the start of this month, I bought two local rabbits from our lead trainer extraordinaire, Luwayo Biswick. Eponyms of legendary Youtube personalities, Buns and Chou Chou dutifully munch on just about anything they’re fed. That includes stubborn garden weeds, grasses and fresh banana leaves. All of this food gets converted […]

Simple Soil Testing at Kusamala

(Written by Daniel Schlupp) What would MacGyver do with a wire hanger, 15” of 10-gauge high tensile wire, and 11cm of 6” PVC pipe? If he was following the Northern Rivers Soil Health Card, then he’d be testing his garden’s soil for the qualitative indicators associated with a healthy, properly functioning soil (a “supra-organism” to […]

Farmer’s Adoption of CSA technologies in Nsanje, Thyolo and Mzimba

Kusamala continues to provide advisory services to partner organizations and farmers under the DCA project. This project is mainly about mainstreaming climate smart agriculture into solar irrigation technology. Farmers are being trained in agroecology techniques and they implementing them in their various irrigation schemes. Recently, Eston Mgala, the Project Manager for our DCA Project and Henock […]